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Research and analysis into industry trends, new technology, company mergers and acquisitions, product development and more

Industry Insights & Intelligence

Athena provides strategic insights and research into industry trends resulting from new technologies, company mergers or acquisitions, and new product developments. Reliably sourced information allows our clients to decisively navigate their companies toward best practices.

Executive Talent Planning & Consulting

Talent acquisition teams use research insights provided by Athena for comprehensive and reassuring insight into the breadth, depth, and availability of a specific talent pool. With a focus on more than just a list of names, Athena provides division and candidate background analysis to keep your talent search focused and competitive.

Compensation Studies

Corporate leaders use our compensation models to make informed judgements on compensation packages and trajectories.

Case Studies


Athena conducted a market assessment on the impact of a specific new pharmaceutical therapeutic area on the life sciences industry.

Athena created a detailed report that provided significant intelligence regarding the impact of this new pharmaceutical therapeutic area on the pharmaceutical services space.


A global top 10 pharmaceutical company was conducting succession planning at the highest levels of the organization. The Global Head of Oncology commissioned a study to identify a shortlist of candidates in competitor organizations, biotechnology organizations, and academic/cancer centers, in order define the market for senior level talent in Oncology. Athena delivered a report identifying 50 candidates with an analysis of their backgrounds and intelligence on corporate oncology divisions.