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Customized and comprehensive research services across multiple industries

New Business Development Support

Athena has the depth of experience to assist clients in establishing new business with a particular client or in a specific industry. In the past, we’ve provided our clients with reports on potential business opportunities, organizational structure and size of major competitors in a given segment, leadership structure, and resources required for process shifts and/or to identify acquisitions.

Research Training

We love passing on what we know about identifying and recruiting the right candidates with talent acquisition teams ready to take their search skills to the next level.

Database Consulting

Finding the right platform for mission-critical information is more important than ever. Athena researches and consults on database options, providing suggestions for the best method of utilization and implementation.

Case Studies

New Business Development Support

Athena has worked with a top 5 global law firm to help prepare their attorneys in their business development initiatives. Athena entered into this strategic partnership to provide sophisticated, highly customized briefing documents based on potential client organizations. Research on the potential client’s lines of business, key competitors, strategic initiatives, and marketplace challenges along with select briefings on any legal or regulatory developments are summarized in a dossier. With this highly targeted business development service, Athena has supported this client in ultimately retaining new, highly-desired clients.

Research Training

Athena’s client, the Head of Talent Acquisition for a Global Building Product Manufacturing Organization, had recently transformed their Talent Acquisition organization by centralizing the recruiting function, and bringing in additional recruiting professionals. Athena was brought in to develop a customized training program to elevate the recruiter’s tactical research and recruiting abilities and to establish expectations for what constitutes a well-run search.

Athena designed a four part interactive “best practices” series that covered topics such as creating a target list, identifying candidates, a review of tools and ways of leveraging their strengths, writing effective recruiting e-mails and recruiting scripts, and managing one’s research day. The fourth session consisted of one-on-one training utilizing real-time research examples.